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Indigo Features
Impress Your Tenants and Visitors
Digital Receptionist

Indigo is a friendly, automated, touch-free, voice activated Digital Receptionist solution to your front of house. Welcome visitors with personalised greetings and direct them to meeting rooms...or send messages directly to tenants informing them of your arrival. You can even share jokes and experience Indigo's sense of humour.

Visitor Management

Indigo is capable of automating Visitor Management. Whether it's directing visitors to meeting rooms, notifying meeting attendees of arrivals, or sending direct messages to tenants - Indigo is an effective solution to your visitor management requirements.

Facial Recognition

Impress your visitors with Indigo's 'opt-in', GDPR Compliant, facial recognition feature allowing for personalised greetings and customised conversations.

Booking System

Indigo's booking system is simple to configure and use for staff, tenants and visitors. Accept payments for meeting rooms directly through our white-labelled booking portal.

Event Management

COMING SOON Contact us to find out more about Indigo's Event Management features.

Business Community

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